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Naia is on.

Number of players - unknown (shown as "normal")

Number of private  stores - unknown (shown as "normal")

Number of afk macro parties -  unknown (shown as "normal")

Party matching  - 9 parties looking for players so if you are fast maybe you get party.

Cursed swords - both on in this moment.

Zariche  - Atelia refinery

Akamanah - Aligator isle


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Both Cursed sword  now on Alligator isle.

In one moment they were very close to each other but seem there was no fight will, decided to hunt other players instead-.

Fishing in town is still possible.

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Cursed swords are again in action and ofc i witnessed it again.

You can use any skill, cant use bsoe, you cant exit game too, you are forced to  stay immobilized there and suffer for other player fun. 

Basically every time I decide to go hunt and try to gain some xp I get molested.

Time to find another game maybe.

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