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I love playing lineage 2, I play since the interlude, when I met the official I came across everything different a much more advanced version, 4 job,
equipment, graphic designers, all of the highest quality masssss something entragou my fun that is the DAMN PAY TO WIN.


 I see in the face DURA IMORTAIS players, I got to play lineage at 17 hours a day and put my chars lvl 99 masss the pay to win is very inhumane.
At this very moment when I write to you in the forum I am putting up 72 ertheias to have in my account 10 billion adena per month.


Look at what point a player has to submit to be able to have quality equipment and be able to be happy playing the game he loves. 
Please juji, fix this PROBLEM, ARE BOTS, PAY TO WIN, ETC .... PLEASE PLEASE.


Is that right juji, 72 ertheias I have to do to be able to go to the Olympics and have adena every month so I do not stay behind? 
all my dolls go with smooth set R, I got to lvl 99 sme to have even 1 billion adena. Unfortunately, the days of l2 are inhumane.
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