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im wondering, since we skip one update... we kinda lost a lot... fafurion should bring us more jewels so we can do new content, all other artifacts, r110 upgrades be smoother, to make a bloody/dark leviathan set to limited, is necessary 1600~ dark/bloody stone... 
is there any chance from ncsoft to make events to give us bloody/dark armor stones? gold/black tickets? real chance to make JEWELS lv 5-6? chance to make greater jewels lv ++? i hope we get events ( ingame, not p2w ) to try improve gear to go to new contents... 

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I wouldn't hope for such things. Also about the R110 equipment - it's meant to be very hard to get, specially the limited stuff etc.

What I'm sure of us that you'll get some very nice promo soon, with new item in it.

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