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Where did the recipes go?


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With the change of Antharas Lair the recipes you could get from there, are they no longer in game?

For instance there was one monster that dropped Recipe: Doom Shield 60% and it was drop only in there. Where did it go?

And what happened to Recipe: Sealed Avadon Circlet 60% that was drop and spoil in LOA now it's missing. Where did it go?

Some other recipes that was only available through drops and spoil that was in there were moved to TOI. But there were more then these 3.

Monsters Name

Added spoils

Platinum Tribe Guardian Chief

Recipe: Demon's Dagger (60%)

Seal Archangel

Recipe: Lance (60%)

Guardian Archangel

Recipe: Deadman's Glory (60%)

Where did they go? I know there are 100% recipes for some but they are not in the current game.

All this just makes us want to push for a drop database even more from NC West. Asian servers have public drop and spoil databases why not NA servers?
It does not have to have rates, it just has to show us where to go for what we need.

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