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 i tried many times and the command is not working . i write /botrepord  and i have target the guy that is making bot with my 3 players  ... if i make the command wrong please help me    

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Greetings everyone,

If you do come across suspicious behavior in game, you can always submit a ticket to our Support team via the Support tab above or by clicking here: https://support.lineage2.com/ 

Please make sure to include any evidence of the behavior you may have collected, such as screenshots and video clips.

Thank you!

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The BOT Report button has been improved and a CAPTCHA system has been implemented to punish reported BOTs


A CAPTCHA UI window will appear when a suspected BOT has been reported after receiving the BOT Report 3 times.

If a user does not input the number in the CAPTCHA pop-up, or if a user does not input within 20 minutes, a penalty is applied immediately.
BOT CAPTCHA Penalty (Duration: 60 Minutes):

this is the  patch notes

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