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Enchant weapons R


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Hi, well, I was a player from the beginning of L2, from the old school of L2 and I have returned recently and obviously the game is very different
I tried to enchant my R weapons, but they break to +4 ....
bad luck (come on! ....), I see weapons at +10, +15
The last one was a requiem weapon that I had obtained with the mentor certificates and did not give me the R crystals.
So, something I'm doing wrong
They could tell me (explain as if I was stupid) that scrolls, etc. are being used in this new version
Thank you so much!

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That weapon its an event weapon and when you break it you dont get crystals or anything else.
Just a friendly advice, forget the enchant business...its just a waste of time/adena(unless you are a high lvl dwarf with full luck dyes and all the items and pots that increase the chance like +10 light set,marf shirt,etc)

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Yup, forget the enchant business and better sell the scrolls to earn some cash.

If you don't know what you're doing, but try overenchanting you will only burn adena. Also, most of the +++++ weapons that you see were not made with regular enchant scrolls but with event items such as Royal Purple Save Card etc.

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