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Hi fellow players.

If you dont have nothing to do in free time and you love Lineage 2 but at the momment you are too tired to play, come and visit my live stream on Twitch.tv from your favorite game.

Come ShinobiRyuTV and chill with coffe or beer.

Remember to leave follow on my channel if you like content.

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Hello its me again.

There is rumor that in Aden near WH his store opens dwarf very greedy for Adena, He sells very rare books from andcient times. You can find him there almost every day,

If you got some books that you dont need this dwarf will take them to poor orfen for his young kids.

BagOfMoney near Aden AH buys Codex/Mastery/Ch1 always BEST.


NEWS: Bots in chaos. Automatic console that suports them is overheated. Soon every box will DC from server,

Bots server DC = 0/1

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