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Tyrr Titan Opinions and suggestions


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Always play from Yul, but as I stopped to play last October, and I returned now, I decided to play Titan, I want to make a Titan PVE at first, I'm already lvl 101 and with the following items:
Set Tw Light Blessed +8 FE
E.Shadow Slasher Weapon (Tyrr) augument p crit rate 7.5%
Zaken earring
AQ Soul
Ring Creation
Tezza Soul
Octavis Shirt
Belt PVE Atack
1 Dye STR +5 for now
Access STR + P.ATK
My AP are:
atk speed lv2
p.atk lv4
atk atrib lv3
p crit rate lv3
p crit dmg lv3
p.atk lv2

I accept suggestions

Thank you

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