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Hello, I'm returning user and I noticed that now all players get paulina twilight gear for complet the second transfer. my question is @Hime, what's about the returning user with old characters with no gear? I played before when we got paulina items for 30 days and red libra weapons. now I don't even have any item. just paulina S gear. its possible we can get those new twilight gear with old characters? because this game before was so unfriendly with new players.

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2 hours ago, Nymphadorae said:

It takes you about 1h to create a new char from 1 to 85 awaken. Unless you're pretty attached to a name, probably it's a lot easier just to create a new baby char xD

Most of my ertheia's are 100+ on both main and dual with first 3 exalted questlines completed, so... no ;p

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I have the same problem, I just went back to playing on a old char mine, and i have no set. Trying resetting the subclass to see if i would any set, but no. I spent 90kk doing so for nothing. I have no gear on sub, and on main, i only have a immortal set. I dont get why they are willing to give everyone a new set, but cant give to old char somehow. Please, do something about it.

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