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Player Level not recognized by NPC


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I've been leveling an Erthieia and was rolling along fine doing the quests.  I finished up the last quest in FotD and realized there was no new quest to go to.  I looked online and it mentioned a few quests in my range.  I'm at lvl 69.  I went to swamp of screams and spoke  to Dokara to get 'A Mercenary Helper'.  The NPC won't allow the quest to be registered. 'Someone like you shouldn't be here.'  (This quest can only be performed by characters Lv. 65 or above.)  

Any suggestions?  Have I done something wrong?


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Some quests are restricted only to certain classes. Under lvl 85 there are a lot of Ertheia-specific quests that you should stick to, you can't do many of the remaining ones. If your level is too low for the next questline, you need just to grind up a bit or use Fortune Pockets or kill a RB.

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FotD is hunting ground for Mages(65-70)the XP quests are just for Magic users... any Race(Ertheia has slightly different versions)

Swamp of Screams is Hunting Ground for Fighters(65-70) the XP quests are just for Fighters... any Race.

Both Mages and Fighters go to Wall of Argos for 70-75, you could Grind to 70 in the tougher spots (FotD/Swamp of Screams) or easier spots at the Wall of Argos.

76-80 Mages and Fighters split between Ketra Orc Outpost and Varka Silenos Barracks... 81-85 everybody goes to Dragon Valley.


small quest chain 60+(close to 4m XP, 3 parts) starts in Rune: https://l2wiki.com/Sweet_Whispers

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Okay.  I'm trying to report a bug. I'm getting advise on how to level. 

I used 'A Mercenary Helper' as an example of a quest that should be available to my class and level. If you speak to the Adventure Guildsman - PC Manager you can get a list of quests.  The list includes the level and requirements. For 'A Mercenary Helper' the levels are 65~70 and the requirements are 'Ertheia; Warrior Class'.  This means the quest should have been available. There are other quests that should also be available. They're not.  Either the description is wrong or the quest chain is bugged. 


ps.  My Ertheia is well beyond this level now.

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To rephrase what SAXnVl0LlNS said, the problem with the Swamp of Screams is not only the race but also the class. In your first post you mentioned that you finished up the last quest in the Forest of the Dead. This means you must be a Sayha's Seer and not an Eviscerator, otherwise the starter quest chain would not have taken you to the Forest of the Dead. As a Sayha's Seer aka Mage you can not do the Swamp of Screams quests (and as an Eviscerator you can not do the FotD quests). You will encounter the same phenomenon at lvl 76, when your Seer will be guided to the Ketra Orc Outpost and not to the Varka Silenos Barracks. As a Seer you can not do the Varka quests :)

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