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NA Server With Euro time Events Only

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Why is the Festival Event only for Euro players, when Chronos is an NA server?

Average Event on Chronos last 3 minutes

Event #1 Starts 7am Pacific Time/10am Eastern time (When NA Players are at work)

Event #2 Starts 3pm Pacific Time/6pm Eastern Time (When NA Players are at work)

Is Chronos an NA server or a Euro Server? If it's a euro server, just merge us with Naia already.

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1 hour ago, Gonein60Seconds said:

agreed... what the heck man, i tried to be here at 3pm pacific, and i was here at 3:04 and it was long over... lol at this rate i might not get a chance to spend the tickets i did buy... who thought this schedule and system up?

Well the evening / night one it's at the same time siege, oly, CoC, basically when everything starts = servers prime time.

On Naia, the prizes stay up for 3-5x times longer, since we have less people spending for it.

They could add more items / more quantity of items, but that probably won't happen. So ask the whales to spend less, so you have a chance to use a ticket ^_^

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35 minutes ago, LightRider said:

Why are you even here? Didnt you quit or did you come back after the update?

I don't play anymore, but that doesn't mean I suddenly stopped anything l2 related.


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