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80+ xp loss


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There is apparently a bug with xp loss related to level 80, I'm not sure if it has to do with deleveling specifically or if it's just the xp loss past 80 period. Someone in clan died that is level 80 and lost 10%. That deleved them, they ended up dying again and lost another 10%.

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This isn't a bug and isn't unique to level 80.  When you die you lose 4% of that current level.  If that causes you to delevel, your total xp loss will be 4% of the total xp required to level for the level you were when you died.  The reason you haven't noticed this issue before is because the difference in xp between levels wasn't that as dramatic as it is at higher levels.  For instance, if you died at level 79 and 1% you would lose roughly 890m xp (4% of the required xp to go 79-80).  That would be enough xp loss to delevel and go down to roughly 90% at level 78.  In short, do everything in your power not to die with less that 4% progress into your current level.

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This game suprise me BAD every day 

Today I needed 2% for 79 and I finally made it via event scroll (which gives almost 3% on 78) 

Then server lagged and I died from MOB .... and I lost 13% ..... THIRTEEN % ..... and become 78 lvl + 88% 

Cardinal ressed me with 83% rez ... and my final "score" is MINUS 2.5% ..... now I am again 78lvl + 98% 

This is totally CRAZY ... and no logic will be able to proofe that this is CORRECT 
GMs .... Please, take care if this ..... or after event all ppl will be 77 and 78 ... and this will simply mean GAME OVER (no SP, no Equipment, no adena drop , no end content for this leveled toons) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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