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Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

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That's embarrassing, especially that Rown guy.... who gives such randoms gear I dunno... he bought his toon or wut?

2 hours ago, mixa said:

MS underdong, lal, you got no idea where MS was before they got allydismiss?LMAO xD

Also, you mengs joined MS coz Nova didn't want you (mainly because of you).Keep telling us more fun stuff brah, we`ll pretend we know nothing and the party will go on xDxDxD 

Who is this random spamming our Chronos section... Lmao

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guys just all be happy that ms fighting nova max fighting DH. if there is no fight between themselves then they start to hunt weaker ppl taking all castles and etc. just let them fight and hope that there wont be no winner forever.

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On 4/15/2018 at 2:58 PM, AiZeN said:

Care to explain how the OP gears of truffle and Zureil protect me I mean come on unless you're an idiot which I think you are who doesn't know how to PvP everyone knows that even the best and most geared DD will die like a noob if he/she doesn't have good supports e.g Peppinio from Nova :D I ain't even that good lol oh boy how many times people said that to me and time and time again I made them eat those words :P

Ive seen whole partys of nova pr when they see truffle or die while fighting and he was alone or simply with an iss.

your factor in pvp is much smaller than you think

its as easy as this. Truffle has very high dps and kills a lot of enemies before your defensive tank skills wear out. 

I took truffle only as an example. Zureil is OP geared as well as many others in MS

you over estimate yourself by alot.

i get tthe feeling from you that you think you are the the most intelligent being ever.

you always think anyone who disagrees with you knows nothing.

these are signs of people who grosly over estimate themselves. 


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