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So... the event actually lasted three days

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People crying for their now useless tickets on the left.

People claiming it was p2w event rejoicing on the right.

People that know this event was one of the worst ever EVERYWHERE.

Ps: I know it is hopeless, but please, change this event mechanics already or delete it from existance.

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The Festival Ticket event? Is it June 11th already? It'll last, and people will continue paying NCoins whether its to enter the event or sell for adena in-game.

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Thats why for 2 days (and on weekend when population peaks)95% of the stuff given out were trash rewards, and not even in a high quantity. Meanwhile top rewards, and im not exactly talking about top 3, are untouched.

Every day less people participate and tickets price are dropping fast because people know it.

But yeah, lie yourself thinking this event is "somehow" still going.

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