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Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 5, 2019


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2 hours ago, Juji said:

I have not received an update yet from Dev on any of the reported issues from last week. I will see about temporarily adding it to the L2 Store next for the same price in Adena as a workaround until we get a proper fix.

@Juji Can you please add it today? People really want this! Or please do as Virael suggested to refill our gauge for free once a day until we have a fix.

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just great, no message for false message for maintenance, at least i was use 1 w chat for message every1 for no maintenance, but now, who log out, cant log back :)

Juji I feel every1 want to see you on fi after maintenance :)

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3 hours ago, what3v3r said:

1. adventure guild quest, 2. phoenix blood, 3. dye powder, 4. ways to get bres scroll, 5. Missing link exchange fishes @Juji when are you planning fix them? at least the 3 of them happened in the previous maintenance so maybe you can understand what you changed and ruin things you and your team werent supposed to. We want answers not hide and seek like the last time that something like that happened again 

I will explain for you:

1. "adventure guild quest" - BIG problem for all new people. Big problem. But biggest problem BOTS - which getting "1000" of Jewelry per day  - by NPC they are trade to powders so = 4*90kk profit (and running ~x*1000 eritrea 2 year every day - quest reward must be changed to "30 days" Jewelry. The same problem - " 1 time repeat quest" reward ~x*1000 EAR, EWR, CODEX (from mente) - this option must to be disabled on NPC (in Fafurion this option off).

2. phoenix blood - problem. We was using this before...

3.  dye powder - not problem at all - can wait this "fix" - just some ppl have adena for this.

4. bress scroll 9 not problem at all - 100% resurrection have iss/heal - and 99% people have boxes.

5. Missing link exchange fishes - problem. Exist option to change powders in NPC (Heine)  - to "rooted". But this "rooted" - after can't change... and just 2 powders in day can get.. (personally I change and I lost powder - wish I was collecting 6montch..


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