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you can buy buffs from the NPC or from the NC Shop

or make a Buffer toon,  its easy to box one ,I'v boxed K85 90 95 99 with 5 toons on 3 pc's one main and 4 macros on assist I have a healer on one pc and wynn with a Feoh on one and evis and ISS on the last one

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18 hours ago, qwertyuiop said:

Thanks for the replies, I suppose that dual boxing is going to be the only way forward, Cant help but think that someone could provide player buffs in game and undercut the NPC They would make a fortune..


It's not the same, the npc buffs last for 1hr including the sonatas..

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On 6/5/2019 at 4:59 AM, qwertyuiop said:

I'm fast aproaching lvl 97 on a Feoh stormscreamer and was wondering what you guys do for buffs after lvl 99? Can you buy buffs from the adventure guide after 99? I'm not in a clan and dual boxing sounds like a nightmare.

Well if you are lazy to box iss , above 99lv buffs from adventure guide are 3kk for 1h. Also free 1h buffs from clan npc if your clan is active and gain medals from faction NPCs.

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