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NCLauncher is deleting Client files!


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Since the Fafurion update, i began to notice that everytime when i pressed "repair files" the in Launcher, it always downloaded some files (the same file size (847.2 kb)).

Recently i was finally able to find out which files are being constantly downloaded, and why... these files are sp_32b_02.bmp, sp_256_02.bmp, sp_32b_03.bmp, sp_256_03.bmp. (The loading images that you see when launching the Client)

Everytime after you press "PlayNow" to launch the Client, the NCLauncher will delete those files! (So if you wonder why you only see the Orc as the loading image, thats why)

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Unblieveable... New launcher just deleted everything from Lineage II folder. Why we would need to download the game again?

All my screenshots were deleted from the past 7 years....

Did you just put a new system without even testing?


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