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Help pls i need help with a quest

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Arlm    0

people i need know how can i star the quest to first change class, i am lvl 20 with a elven and i want be a elven scout but when i talk with the master Reisa en Glaudio the game tell me that i dont have any quest with this NPC.... help pls

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Teribeth    8
Posted (edited)

If you are playing Classic then you've posted in the wrong section. The NEW 1-85 no longer has real quests... take quest from Tarti in Gludio at level 1+, reach level 20 talk to High Priest Raymond in Gludio, Talk to Tarti again... then choose your class from Icon in the bottom right corner. It is basically same for second and third transfer with a killing quest which gets you to the required level.

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