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A definitive solution for botting problem

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I will start setting some principles

1. If a bot dont bleep real players game, this bot is not a problem, everyone need adena, raw adena in game economy is mainly made by bots, without they we have a economy crash, but if the bot disturb real players game, this bot must be fast banned

2.Adrenaline cost 7 dolars, u cant have many bots like full cp bot (just in high lvl content)

3. there is easy ways to see if someone is macroing or boting, and will be describe how in this post

4. we must use sucessfull anti-cheat that other games aplied

5. we cant say to NcSoft hire more ppl to do something cuz that give more cost and they will not do it, so we need a almost free anti-bot system


My idea is simples, make a system where people can send videos about ppl boting, this video can be analysed by other players, like 5-6, this players will get reward for analyse like CS:go do with aim cheaters


How to know if someone is macro or bot? (tutorial)

1. u need know how macro works

  1.1 macros have only 12 lines and u cant make a macro active other macro, so u can have only 12 actions in a character that limit so much whata a macro can do

  1.2 macros do not have brain, they cant use 6 different dances and atk at same time because macro will repeat and u will randomly have mana to dance a random dance or song in macro and not all that dance, so, for exemple, u cant have a BD atacking and full dancing at same time at macro

  1.3 exempls of what is a bot and what is a macro using 12 linees

Prophet - viable macro is /target than u buff 1 hero with 5 buffs, that iss 6 lines, than u /target and buff other with 6, here we have 12 lines, but mana will end cuz u need a /delay to prevent mana end, so u can use only 11 lines. U can buff 5 with haste, /target haste, /target hast , /target haste , /target haste /target hast delay 120. BUT U CANT BUFF ALL U PARTY WITH FULL BUFFS IN MACRO (only WC) 

  1.4 Macros cant accpet ress or selective healing

   if u want know if someone is bot, u just need take u character and than hit him, hit till low life, iff this unit get a healing just when he is low life and it isn't timed, like, each 15 sec, but only when low life, so he is a bot

   if u pk someone and a automatic ress, bot

There is more tips, hope u help



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To understand what is going on with this game you must think of a Casino of Las Vegas. To keep the profit coming dirty stuff are happening behind the scenes without the customers awareness. This same model applies to Lineage 2.

Bot, adena and those events are the pillar of game profit design.

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