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Lacks of Tanks


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13 hours ago, Draecke said:

only fafurion temple & dragon valley parties will need a tank these days..

IM not there yet(aka DV FTemple) IM sure you are right...But you talk only about places where you cant farm without and not for addition that a tank can bring to party.
Even I can solo most areas for my lvl I had this crazy idea how to improve very cheap my damage so I made a tank ST as addition to my duo party.
So, not to mention the goodies that came with Templar Aura but due to agro skills my Evi reduce movement with 80% ish.That conclude with a +25-30 % increase exp earned in 3 ppl party comparing in duo(Iss+Evi VS Iss+Evi+Tank).
Bottom line, tanks are usefull even in areas where you can farm without them and also fun to play.

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true and thanks for the extra clarification as that's a valid point you added there :)

of course it's upto the individual players as to how they prefer their parties to be set up and what's (which classes) available

some may prefer dd / iss / healer combo etc.

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