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DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

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2 hours ago, Auburn said:

You recruit people on Chronos for Naia pvp without server transfers being open? 

why he should wait to make a post ? if ur brain only have the option to start thinking on make trasnfer since the first second of trasnfers opens, then is ur problem, not of them

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Sorry,  new ppl will be invited straight to box clans (especially that new one, what exequtor is buying now) or for 1 day joined main clan, to make screenshot for fun/memory? that is important. Ppl should know what kind of  box clan they will join, since "DH" comes on sieges still being in different box clans , not even all time as ally :D

That is smart move - ask ppl from Chronos to come and fight on your side, while you avoid it and hide :D   I hope that works. 



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On 12/6/2019 at 8:02 AM, SilverFish said:


That is smart move - ask ppl from Chronos to come and fight on your side, while you avoid it and hide :D



nice propaganda InsaneLoly, i was on a break week so hope u take more photos of my char being boxed, about avoid and hide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pveKAnOw-2Y&t=1050s im not the one who stay trashtalking from a box instead to come and pvp :D like u littlepony

Anyway, u are free to tell me the name of the RB wich ur pt will start tomorrow, tomorrow i back and lets see how untagged and dead i will be ;D

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thanks about attention! that is very good comparison -  photo from my box of your untagged and dead toon and your video of brave gank  bunch of wynns :D. Sorry that didn't have time to make it from main - main was busy on farm other part of YAKUDZA\JAKUDZA\whatever_clan_you_join. But whatever. 


Propaganda that isn't posting shameful photos of enemies, propaganda that is " MAX FARMS ALL DRAFGONS SINCE UPDATE" . But that is too complicated for you to comprehend so we don't go farther. 


PS: if you are ready to make gank against busy ppl - you are welcome. we start from SOS. but not sure that your daddy will be happy about CRP :D so come untagged already 


PPS: anyway your coming don't make difference of our action - we still farm you and raids. no difference 

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CP boborc looks like raid's minions - they spawn time by time on raid's time and dissappear with last raid ( strange, that maybe relate on fact what MAX remakes parties to pvp mode :D


all other DH looks like undeads - once per 2 weeks master's call brings them from graves for siege (most of them just for last 15min of siege for we_try_cast_once  ) 


choose your way :) 

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