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Elven Village 300% EXP


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Good morning @Juji / @Hime.

I didn't see anything in the Patch Notes regarding the nerf of surrounding areas of Elven Village.

Before Fafurion Update, we could get a buff from the mobs that gave us 300% Exp for a short period of time. This is no longer the case anymore. People been there for hours and the buff doesn't pop.

Any comments on this? Was this removed on purpose? Is it a bug?

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As much as the macro settings and revamp to some areas are welcome, we all must agree that the mutliplayer aspect of the game has been overlooked in the past updates.
Lineage has been a hardcore and community driven game since its roots and losing this aspect takes away most of its fun.
So, my two cents, incentives to playing in a group are key to bring back numbers to the playerbase :)

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you guys wrong, i mean, my othell exp on tanor canyon, and its easy to farm there, no immune no resist at all, and 1 mob give 4b exp, the point i type this message, you can auto macro this spot with pt, so what you guys say, its not true, they just make safe area for low geared toons.

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