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Why you do this?

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Elemental Master is ridiculously out of balance. Players should not be getting hit for 12 to 24K damage AOE.

Debuffs have always been a bit different in L2 Classic - but please look into the absurd landrate of fear skills.

Fix teleporting while in a chaotic state - the game never intended for chaotic characters to be able to teleport. 

Fix teleporting/mounts while in combat - doesnt make sense to be able to run away so easily from PvP.

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Because they do not care.

Lineage 2 Classic was launched just to grab as much cash they can with the least resources as possible <- This is the business model and the reason why you are able to login on a official Lineage 2 server. Lineage 2 will remain treated poorly for the rest of it existence since the profit in return is very low compared to mobile market.

So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... or just throw the rotten lemons away.

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