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Bring back Grade Penalty

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Because no-one is buying D Grade gear and SSD, BSSD anymore. In some situations a good overenchanted D grade weapon and armor are better than higher grade equipment. Using SSB and SSA is expensive. So making D Grade useful again will liven the dying economy in the game. I think that the Grade Penalty should be brought back but have a milder affect than it did so that if you are level 38 and using higher grade gear that there is a progressive slowing down of attack rate and speed. I think a D Grader should be able to wear C Grade gear with a subtle penalty, but seeing a D Grader using B or A should have a more heavy penalty. All the established clans and players are suiting up in A grade on level 24 characters and botting with out auto soul shots or auto items like stews. No market for consumables, No market for NG and D Grade, No market due to adena drop rates, I refuse to buy adena from clans that are over using bots to make real profits. I would rather give the money to NCSoft but there is little incentive to do so because it feels like a micro transaction money sink.

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