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Dread Bloody +12 3SA/enhanced shadow stormer


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Hi there, a few weeks ago i reseted my dual from yul (big adena needer) to dread (probably big adena needer to haha). I was able to sell my bloody bow so i got adena to buy a stormer but i wanted to know how much is the difference in damage to pve between those 2 weapons . Mostly because enhanced stormer have 100 crit rate plus 150 element plus 5% pcrit damage

I only play pve, so i do not care influence on pvp of the weapon


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Dread is even bigger adena eater :D Probably a terrible choice for dualclass since he is not useful in 99+ content.
However, the difference cant be so big....in the end, Dread is not a damage dealer but a mass control toon. Your damage is very low with or without bloody spear.

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@PleistorosAlt ty for the reply.

One of my cp members is feoh, so for now i will play runner. I have 15 days of emperor weapon, and if i dont like what i see i will just wait red libra and change dual to another thing haha.

For now i am having fun with the class (i can solo faction quest way faster than with wynn haha)

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