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Karma bug

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Shil    0

Karma/Rep is stuck at -4070 and cannot burn it with mobs or guards outside Gludio, Char name "Shileniel".

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Devoid    122

Reputation is gained either by earning XP or losing XP. The minimal amount of XP needed to be earned/lost at once is directly dependent on your level.

So if you are, say level XY.00 (where XY < 86), you will not lose any XP on death, and your negative reputation will not decrease.


Get some random Wynn, or level up a WC to port yourself to some area that has monsters of a high enough level to give you XP. To speed things up a bit, you can earn XP to decrease your rep to at least -2035 and then keep dying to get back to 0. Less XP would be necessary if you resurrect yourself with 100% XP recovery.

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