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Preliminary Details: 15th Anniversary – The Ultimate Celebration

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A question, what's the point to put non tradeable versions of this items?

15th Anniversary Mini Cake
Freya's Wind Scroll (Event version)
Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP)

Because can't use all of them on event range? and random reward of this are very high?.

Suggestion: maybe need tradeable versions to sell it or extend one month more to use all of them.

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well it's very easy to use them all if you run afk macro as it requires many such items to go 24/7 like that :P

48 pcs of each 30min item and 144 pcs of 10min items per day per 1 account

having said that ofc it would be nice if those items could be traded/sold even if it was only for the duration of the event but obviously this was done to limit the impact of everyone loading 100+ alts to farm this free event even more then currently is done for the fireworks lulz

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