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For Victory quest bug


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10 days passed.

Got last email and closed support case as "solved".


Hi there,

Thank you for understanding and patience regarding this matter. As of the moment, the Development Team is currently looking into this issue. For latest updates and news, please keep an eye on our official website and forum. We've provided you the links below for your reference:

Website: http://www.lineage2.com/en/
Forums: https://forums.lineage2.com/

If you have any other concern, please let us know.

GM Zerokin
NCSOFT Support Team


I keep both eyes on links provided.

Quest is still bugged.

They didn't inform our producer Juji and our community manager Hime.

They didn't add to known issues list too.

They didn't check existence of any Quality Assurance Team.

Btw we are sure that it do not exist seeing how many bugs and issues we have, just think on last one (launcher2)

They could ask Korea as there this quest is running for more than half year.

They could also inform them selves how other regions do it, no need to ask Japan or Asia , is enough to ask Europe (Inova).

Well maybe they looked  at Oceania region or South America as this is new trend as launcher2 show.

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I experienced the same issue with another exalted quest: Confronting the greatest danger. Similarly, NPC mentions another, supposedly easier mission, but does not provide this option.

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