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L2Store not working after maintence 12/6/19


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Yesterday after maintence l2Store opened once  in my 2nd char, but in my main char doesnt open ! I tried restart char, restart client, repair client, restart PC. It didnt work with anything. Today still it doesnt response at all. Same for my 2nd char, doesnt work, same for a random acc that i tried. What should i do to fix ur bugged l2store? :D I want that anniversary cube !

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  1. Go to your Lineage II/System folder.
  2. Delete the "Windowsinfo.ini" file.
  3. Launch the NCLauncher and perform a file check/repair on Lineage II.
  4. Log into Lineage II and press Alt + Shift + O to bring up the Options menu. Click "Reset Window Location" button.

i did these steps and it worked for me :x

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