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party lvl exp penalty removed


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so with last update the party exp level penalty was removed for 4 weeks. i have some questions.

1. while the higher lvls in the party get for say 50k exp on kill the lower levels get like 1-2k.(i would imagine this happens bcuz of the lvl difference between the mob and the lower lvls)

so like.... what was even the point in removing the penalty if you cant exp properly? i mean the exp is even less than going fishing.

2. while having lower lvls in the party mobs will not drop anything.

again, if the penalty is removed and you give your lower lvls very little exp and you also dont get any drop on top of that?

am i missing something? where is the benefit in this?

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Tested this, 100% the penalty still exists its just not as "bad".

I tested with a lv69 grouping with a 78. 

When the lv78 level'd to 79, the xp was cut dramatically.

I also tested with some lv40s w/ a group of 69-78 .. they got 2-3k per kill, while the rest of the party got 140-150k per kill.

So it technically exists, its sort of false advertising because without a doubt there is a penalty, its just that you're incredibly scaled instead of getting NO xp.

Seems lame and a sort of mislabeling of what is actually there @Juji

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You confirmed what were seeing, but isn't really a useful incentive at all.

You get no drops with someone below 9 lvs so, there's no point in even having this unless you get full xp. The incentive would be trading the little bit of adena we get for XP on a box were leveling.

Then again - Anything is better then nothing so thank you! Also thank you for responding.

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