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Abbreviation Trade

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Proposal of orientation of abbreviated names used in commerce.

The present proposal has the condicion of orienting old and new players on the abbreviated nomenclature used in the floor trade.

Crystal’s = Dx, Cx, Bx, Ax, Sx.

Soulshot D = SSD

Soulshot C = SSC

Soulshot B = SSB

Soulshot A = SSB

Soulshot S = SSS

Blessed Soulshot D = BSD

Blessed Soulshot C = BSC

Blessed Soulshot B = BSB

Blessed Soulshot A = BSA

Blessed Soulshot DS = BSS

Spiritshot D = SPD

Spiritshot C = SPC

Spiritshot B = SPB

Spiritshot A = SPA

Spiritshot S = SPS

Blessed Spiritshot D = BSPD

Blessed Spiritshot C = BSPC

Blessed Spiritshot B = BSPB

Blessed Spiritshot A = BSPA

Blessed Spiritshot S = BSPS

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