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Cake Fail

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You really didn't think this one through didn't you? Made 1 cake for all levels in 1 town with rewards so crazy my brain can't even comprehend, the level of stupidity for the game developers are off the charts, sorry guys I'm coming hard on you but this is beyond words,.

You should've created separate events for different levels and different rewards not this shit!, come on really? A level 1 character can win a TOP A +15 weapon! Please do something about this, also the cake just keep spawning and no Fioti.


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So far 56 mins for a cake that took 10 mins or less to kill.


3 CAKES have spawned and no FIOTI.  NCSOFT, how many years have you been doing this?  15!!!!!! "Fifteen" freaking years, you have the experience from this event on live to learn from...but I guess if you can't learn any lesson from 15yrs of gaming, 1 year isn't going to make much difference.

15 years of uncontrolled botting, 15 years of crap random, 15 years of no live GMS (maybe its 13 /shrug can't remember the last time you had live GMS), 15 years of no balance within the classes… Happy 15th Anniversary NCFAIL!

Love the game, just really don't think you guys even play your game, do you have any pride in it?  From what I've seen you do not.



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NCsoft, eat your own cake and realize you made a terrible mistake trying to have one cake in one location with this amount of people.  

What, are your developers and IT folks in preschool?  Even those poor kindergarten kids would realize doing something like this is a bad idea with the sheer amount of people.

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They dont care!!! thats all the game when became free to play it change to pay to win!!!!!!! you need something?? you need to PAY IT!!!! i was played from 2006 they had live GMS nice competitions and also good community!!! When god take place and became free to play the game became SUCKS!!!!!!!! and you still continue and your support is embarassing!!!!  Like this we wait 1 and half hour for nothing!!! Just give this facking npc to take the reward and close our PCS!!! people they have works other people wake up to just play the event and you keep them like this????? REALLY WTF IS GOING THERE???

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