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Heavenly Enchants - Misdirectional Text


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i was told to post here something that as i see lately many people asking in shouts and on pms.

The heavenly enchant scrolls, both weapon and armor, are confusing lots of players since they read "Unable to use on normal weapons enchanted over +12 and magic +7" (for the weapon one) and "Unable to use on armors enchanted over +7" (for the armor ones). This means that +12, +7 and +7 are able to receive the enchantment making the item eligible to get with a 100% chance to +13, +8 and +8 respectively which is incorrect. 

So when you have the chance please make it so that it reads "cannot be used on items +12 and above, +7 and above, +7 and above"

Thank you,


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