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NCLauncher 2


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I know there are many old players.....you remember when we mock Conquero coz he didnt know afte 2 days an event was running on his servers? :D

Now is time for @Juji and @Hime...Hey fellow GMs do you know that on your servers we have a new launcher? Guess what? we can run Europe from same launcher :D.
I guess you dont...too busy formating in html tables for website....lol

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After installing NC Launcher 2 I got 2 new icons on my desktop. With the Lineage2-Icon and choosing North America-region I could start l2 without reinstalling.

But the naming Matryoshka.exe for this start is a bit alarming.

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I found the two new icons as well but still i couldn't run the game and play on , i had to update it back again ...Trying to move it from another pc now to check if its going to play without updating ..Else ill get the waiting mode way :( 

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In case you got the file system as a back up you can copy it inside your NCSoft folder in programm files , run the launcher and play the game without any time wasting.

Note : Server Chronos,Naia is north america region.
Note 2 : At launcher settings -> Make the launcher close after you run a game session so that you can add more boxes.

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  • L2 Team

Hi all,

We have indeed launched the new NC Launcher today. We apologize that you have to download the game again once you've updated to the new launcher. The team is aware of that issue and other issues with the launcher so please bear with us as we work on resolving the issues.

To be clear, you don't need to update to the new launcher at this moment to play at the moment.

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