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Hi all,

Damn, since yesterday I installed new launcher (What silly idea I got).

-First,  the time to understand to choose the good area (USA) in order  to get L2 Game and not Soul blade...

-Second, the "update" clean the full L2 folders, good bye all my screenshot since  2004 O.o...So you better to make a backup before try this new NCsoft experience !! 

-Third,  Download (11Gb) and installation stop many time caz lost network connexion (to update servers I guess...), since yesterday, it is still updating, failing, updating , failing, and updating again , every time get a % of the update, so you may have to be patient (1.8Gb to download at the moment...)




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I know there are many old players.....you remember when we mock Conquero coz he didnt know afte 2 days an event was running on his servers? Now is time for @Juji and @Hime...Hey fellow GMs do you

@Juji @Hime Really NCSoft. I have become a custom to you doing a terrible delivery on update information and keep us in the dark as much as possible. With this weeks 15th Anniversary update not eve

why download the game again?.......

What happen to EU players? Why we can't choose Europe region on launcher.

So... I'm european player, actually plays on Naia and Giran, if I select North America, for example, at new launcher, what happens? Can I continue playing normally? I don't lose my chars or something? :S

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Go to your NCSoft folder in programs  C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Lineage II and find the black L2 launcher, from there make a desktop shortcut or run the old L2 launcher from there. 

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:/ took almost 1h in early morning to understand that all u need is set "NA" region both in launcher and acc info and everything will be fine (no redownloads of client, 3+boxes goes fine) but new launcher is quite slower than previous verse, somewhere around +8-10 sec to set box

try it without any ncwest l2 on

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The most horrible launcher ever!  The damn thing takes FOREVER to load/freezes.  It also takes many tries until I can log in.  Frustration at its best.  It makes you wonder, what does NSOFT really do with all those millions of $ earnings?  

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On 14. 6. 2019 at 12:05 AM, Hime said:

Hi all,

We have indeed launched the new NC Launcher today. We apologize that you have to download the game again once you've updated to the new launcher. The team is aware of that issue and other issues with the launcher so please bear with us as we work on resolving the issues.

To be clear, you don't need to update to the new launcher at this moment to play at the moment.

Will new launcher display servers status and number of players on servers?

Will new launcher allow to log in  my second account as box in same time?

Will we be able to run launcher  in minimized mode?

Can we select which servers and players it can show - for  example to show only server status and logged players for Oceania?

Can we disable display and advertisement for all not L2 related?

Will be launcher debugged and fixed before we will be forced to use it? 

Many apps for smartphone as well as certain web pages don't work and don't show server status and number of logged players any more, will be this fixed too?

Why this  expenses for a launcher nobody asked for?

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