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The Event today started 13:00 my time...In Giran Server. At 13:10 cake was at 0% hp. And it stayed there at 0% untyl 13:35. At that point i desided to leave and not wait again 2 hours for nothing like LAST NIGHT'S CAKE. And went out to run some chores, only to find out 10 mins later at 13:45 Fioti spawned and everyone got their exp. NC Soft, or what ever this company's name is, you should learn how to do your job better. We are paying costumers here, with lives and other things to do than siting for a bugged event 2 hours and in the end get nothing. You tested the first day of the event, everything went normal because everyone came but with no boxes because they didnt know what the event gives. The 2nd day in the afternoon, lets say that it was "ok". We had a minor delay of 5 mins with cake at 0% before Fioti spawns. The same evening we had the BIG BANG. Where the hall server lagged. With cakes spawning non-stop, the one after the other, where eventually, after 5 cakes, Fioti didnt even spawn. And we waited 2 hours for him incase game un-lags if i may say. We had to info of what to do. After that crazy night, you deside to close the event in talking island server, and not on Giran server aswell. That means that you fixed what you needed to fix and Giran's event will run smoothly. Well that didnt happen today at all. If you dont know what to do with this, please remove the event, and you dont have to "give" us anything for our inconvinience these days. Just remove it, and come up with a better plan with your team, for the 15th Annivercary of your server.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post. I hope this post it will be some kind of help to you and help you deside what to do next. Just dont panic, and remove the event untyl further notice or untyl you think of something better with your team. Or new solutions.

@Hime @Juji



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