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imd_Yat    5


+7 lvl 2 Water Pendant
+3 Avadon Robe set (+4 Tunic)
+4 Augmented Cursed Maingauche (Othell stage 1)
+3 Nassen's Earring (x2)
+3 Necklace of Seal
+4 Ring of Seal
Earring of Seal (x2)
Ring of Ages (x2)
Necklace of Mermaid
Demon's Fangs (Wynn Acumen stage 3)
Demon Robe set (C-grade)
Karmian Robe set (C-grade)
Divine Robe set (C-grade)
Zubei's Shield

Adena offers only please.
Leave offers here or in game "Yattering

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