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Cake Event? New rewards? SERVER CLOSING?

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for real now u had a nice event and now this shit? a transformation scroll and a rice cake? wtf is that? and u srsly want us for the next event to spend money? for what? for some more scrolls and rice? pls get your shit together this server is going well and there are alot of ppl playing so u guys get alot of money from each event and then 1 time in 3months u decide to make something for free to make a little bit the ppl happy and for what? for 1 day? just give the exp on the boxes omg and not that shitty rewards....if u guys keep like that in 1-2 months max server will be with zero ppl!!!! 

@Juji @Hime

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make some limitation to levels and some stuff like more adena or anything


Bring back Fioti and disable what ain't necessary like box reward and casting on raid, all participation should be able to get the xp/sp reward


this could boost l2store sales for soulshots and xp boost if players can catch up to higher level for new content and spend more on l2store

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