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Got the launcher running and game 1 working and my Zone Alarm Firewall was blocking the launcher from downloading the file etc etc  , so I put the firewall on snooze for 5 mins and its ok. So i suggest if your having issues with the launcher either you put the firewall on snooze see if that works or revert back to the Windows Firewall but it was the firewall causing the issues for me.  


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You have to allow anything to do with NCsoft/ L2 / launcher etc through your 3rd party firewall and then you shouldnt have a problem. Windows firewall should do this anyway , its the other firewalls causing the problems.

Ok all good now , I have 3 clients running , tri boxing buffers etc.

Each time youu want to run a new client / game you must close the installer and run it again like Dave said.

Only 3 games can run as normal.

Working fine for me at the moment but if I have anymore problems I will just delete my firewall and go back to Windows firewall , always had a problem with Zonealarm and this game.



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