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What's most optimal abilities after patch


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Since patch especially all ISS Enchanters lose their magic edge. What would be most optimal abilities for ISS Hierophant? (approximately LVL 87 )

Could someone knowledgeable make a post and list most optimal abilities for each class? That'd be great.

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I am main knight actually. So whats good for knight. I also noticed you can pick subclass from the same category now, for example on my Titan I was able to pick Warlord as subclass. both warrior types. Is that temporary? Is this whole Tarti quest line temporary?

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any subclass is just for its skill to enhance your stat

does not matter u pick same type like all warriors for example before fafurion i made 3 subclasses from archer type ofc not the kamael as u need to be kamael as main, so in theory u can be main class Yul Trickster and made dualclass Yul Phantom Ranger and 2 subclasses are Yul Sagi and Yul Silver Ranger. all subclass skill certification u get is permenant so it do have limit u can not take all of it just choose what u need.

there is 1 item to let u change character's race so u want the basic stat from that particular race while choose what class u want.


people use this ticket to change race to dark elf for its basic stat have the most str and int

as for tarti is it permanent as new feature from fafurion update

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