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Olympiad Fail

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16 hours ago, Marcos said:

I think the problem is not the skill that has a high rate but you have a low resistance, right?

Full enhanced jewel + lionheart and sleep 100% -  full enhanced jewel and fear and horror 100% wtf? what i need for resist fear? jewel +999999???


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On 16/06/2019 at 5:48 AM, Leamak said:

OMFG Yes +!......Please fix that land rate or something this is stupid. perma kissing walls during a match is just frustrating.

before crying about some skills think about ur olympiad gear.

1st ring of core lvl3 gives you debuff resistance around 50% + debuff succes for landing ur debuffs.

2nd Baium border gives almost the same as core.

3. The lvl difference.


when you will have that 3 important things you gonna resist to a lot of debuffs and everything will be fine.

Stop cry randoms !

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