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Impossible to download the game

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Aloha, no idea if this is the correct board where to write this, if not any admin can move it.

Just wanted to know if someone else got the same problem, because is really annoying.

Trying to download the game ( lineage 2 classic ) in another computer ( nothing to update the old launcher ) for new players, who want to start the game, is impossible to play Lineage 2, when I download the new Launcher 2 from the official web, this directly run in my computer for install Blade & Soul.

Someone from the team support told me there is an option where you can select what game you want to install, but I can't find this, directly this say to install Blade & Soul.


Will be amazing know if someone got the same problem or if is true than you can select wich game you want to install, because I can't... or dont find this..


Tanks in advance.

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Maybe try to get under the section lineage 2 ? i got the same problem but i was on the wrong page and after i switched all worked fine.

if you click the button on the message after you start the old launcher, it will get you to the nc launcher page, dont download that. On the top of screen click games ->> lineage 2 --> download and you get the correct download.

i have no idea who came up with that but thats just lol....hope it worked for you



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