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Shader effect bug?


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hello there

since the update of fafurion some textures became full black for me, i've tried to contact support but i've just got a trite answer.

so basic problem is: if i turn on the advanced shader effects which comes which comes with anti-aliasing on also, some textures of mobs and some shining items like OED weapons (dunno on which enchant lvl exactly) become total black. Check this screenshot

if i turn off advances shader effects which comes with turned off anti-aliasing, textures become normal

pc specs: asrock z97 pro4 mobo, i5 4590 cpu, gtx970 video card, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, win10 pro 64bit OS. Yes, i have tried to upgrade graphics driver, didnt help

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I have a this problem too with 4k monitor and I go to set my display resolution

Right click your windows screen -->Display (check your resolution on your monitor) for me 3840*2160 --> Advanced display setting (check your refresh rate on your monitor) -->Apply

My problem was resolved screen and texture come to good before I did not check my display resolution after reinstall game (new L2 Launcher). I can not read red textures PM to me in game.


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