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Make Auto Loot Available like Adena

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Now that we have Auto mode on for spell casters and Rangers is very annoying not to be able to pick up the far away loot, I would like to suggest to make Auto Loot available only for VIP 2 accounts and above, so we can get all the loot while we are hunting in auto or in manual. Also playing in manual and running to the dead target just to see if it drop loot or not is very very annoying. VIP 2,3 and 4 only can get this benefit to prevent botters with free accounts take advantage of this feature.

Pls think about it.

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Kinda PAY2WIN but yeah that will stop clan and russian botters to at least put a dime into NCWest services but I bet they will not, they have enough money to spend on their adrenalines. HAHAHHAHA! 

This feature should be for the ones which want to pay luxuries so VIPs will be fine

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