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15th Anniversay Talisman Disappeared

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I had taken item 15th Anniversay Talisman in the L2 Store, was using it and I noticed that it disappeared in two accounts of mine.

In an account that I had not taken, I managed to get it today, but in the others disappeared and I can not get it back in the L2 Store.

Was it removed after unscheduled maintenance?

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11 minutes ago, KangaxXx said:

Mine gone too. When You think it can't get any worse ...

I asked inside the game and they helped me. Do not click on the talisman's bracelet.

"Problem" solved. Thank you.

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There are 3 "talisman pocket" tabs that could be shown in that UI field: brooch, right bracelet, left bracelet. The 15th Anniversary Talisman is shown if you select the right bracelet tab.

That's it.

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