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Fate of Power bugged

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Fate of Power is not proccing from physical skills.  Tested with a PW and a Glad.  Every physical skill we do will never proc the crit dmg buff.  As soon as we use auto atks it procs it.  Mages are able to proc this buff with their spells.

Please change it to physical skills as well.

@Hime @Juji

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Unless the summoner uses spells and attacks itself.  Can it proc riding a mount?  No.  And it shouldn’t.  A mage never melees, right?  So why would it proc only from melee attacks.  Makes sense a melee char activates it by meleeing.  That’s uh, kind of a melees job, to melee.  Doesn’t proc from skills?  Big deal.  Autoattack some.  You can’t compare a mage whose sole damage is from spells, to a melee that has both skills and melee to proc from.  See the logic?

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