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I need an orientation / help on the Crafting system.

When will we craft in a Dwarf / Crafter store we also have chances of the item coming duplicated or blessed? or this only occurs when the dwarf himself crafts the items.

Another question is whether the amount of LUC that the dwarf has influence on something?

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I think LUC does have influence. And I also heard that crafting by urslef is the only way to double-craft, or craft blessed. Cant confirm anything, however I have crafted a lot from craft shop, never had anything blessed or doubled.  

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About craft shops:

- blessed items are possible

- double craft is possible

- your own LUC only matters


In short: there is no difference at all between self craft and at the shop. Maybe except two things:


- you do not loose MP when you craft at the shop

-you have to pay a fee when you craft at the shop

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Both dwarven Fortune Seekers and Maestro can craft / have craft shop.

The Blessed/double items can be obtained only if you craft from a Maestro ( which has that passive skill ).

When you craft from Fortune Seekers, they don't have skill to craft blessed/duplicated item.

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