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Level 101 with Basic Paulina's Gear

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Hey everyone , as title says ..where could i try to grind up with a lv101 party of S.Knight,Spoil,S.Saint,Ghost Sent,Feoh Storm (got a good weap there for now ) , Iss DoomCry.

Thanks in advance ..Got the Adventure lv6 stuff if that's a help to somewhat ..

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I have a feeling that you dont have a party but a collection of FOTM toons :).

Back to business...you can try farm higher areas but its not efficient, I mean...for sure you can kill a mob in Tanor or Aligator but you kill it in 10 min probably :).
If you dont have adena/visacard to gear 1 AOE party...well, you have other options like:
-play only 2 or one toon and gear him best(this option is most lucrative)
-make a wynn party...5 wynns and 1 doomcryer (actualy that sound good for a movie name)

Out of curiosity, why you want lvl up since you dont have gear or no perspective to get gear in the future? I mean, baylor,cc,k95,k99,dimensional,blackbird&GC factions are not enough for you?

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Hey thanks for your reply , I just want to farm and not level up ...my perspective is to gear up the tank +mage so that I can farm higher areas in the future ...I guess I will just run multiple bs quests , dimensional , baylor if find pts , blackbird and GC ... 


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