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I have a few questions that i have been looking for using my trusty GoogleFu without any luck, thought I would turn to the community. Here is a little info about my characters, I play on Chronos im clan less at the moment. My main is Aeore with dual Foeh 101\100. I have a box ISS (101)  that I actually really enjoy playing live. Anyways here are my question, be gentle I am really new to Salvation I played back in C4 only. 

1. My Aeore is an SS but I didn't know that when awakening I should have passed on learning Drums so I could keep my POW. Is there anyway to get my POW back after learning Drums? I understand this will change in the next update and POW will be gone anyways but still. Nice to have for the time being. 


2. *Leveling area at 101* at the moment I am duo leveling in Hellbound (magic circle?). There are a few places I found online as well such as EV, AF and GC but beyond that im not really sure where to go for leveling? I know i can safely duo Hellbound with my setup (Healer\ISS)(Feoh\ISS) but the last time I went to EV i was 1 shot same goes for AF and Phantasmal, clearly i need a group for these but I never see people looking in party find, the clans that I have joined in the past just do daily's and that is all. GC is packed and im not sure I can duo this area. Any tips on this? Do I just need to join a proper Clan? Is there just not an area to level duo at 101+ ?

Any advise would be helpful. Like I said I am new to Salvation but I know how to play my character its just frustrating after a while not knowing where to go or look for groups, I feel like im missing out on something here. 


Also, is the NCstore down for anyone else? Anytime I try to purchase coin the website says "Something went wrong". 



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To get PoW back, once there is a red libra event, you'd have to switch classes back and forth to relearn pre-awakening skills. Only way.

As for a non-CP having healer, at 101+, your best bet is instances via party match; Alter X2, AF X2, K99 X2 (with 5ppl or less)

Solo with just boxes, your pretty limited, unless you want to dump tons of investment into building an iss and a dd to make them uber to plvl yourself. Even that has its limits. I'd say your best bet is to find a constant party, if you can set aside 2-3hrs a night on set days, with the same batch of people. Even if its just like 4 core group members with party match for the rest, you will go a lot further for a lot cheaper.

NCStore thing seems busted atm, few people in clan cant access it, a few can. Could try a different browser, clear history/cookies, etc, but its probably not a problem on your end directly.

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Thanks for the info @4Eva. Im working on joining a clan where I can hopefully get in a CP around my time zone (being Canadian is hard xD


I didnt even know about Alter... I knew there was an instance near Seal of Shillien but never seen groups listed as that. Is AF a instance? When i see group listed as AF do they mean command post? 

Also, I see a few groups for Gludio instance. Is it a good source of XP as well? 


Thank again

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Yeah, AF=Ebryo Command Post, theres also the field area for Atelia Fortress, so be sure what your joining.

Alter of Shilien is out of aden, the NPC is near the entrance to the church.

Gludio is okay, other 2 are much better sources of XP though IMO

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