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Spoil for 2.0 + ??

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I have a Spoil lvl 77 and I do not understand why mobs that were released after 1.0 have no spoil at all. the only place that has spoil in mobs level 70+ Are TOI(Tower of Insolence) and Sillent Valley, Why  i have a class made to farm if it does not bring some money back? why not put a 5-10% chance to drop elemental stones on spoil from any Mob in element maps ?
Why mobs of Fogotten Island (Varka - Ketra) do not have the drops at least similar to the previous ones Chronicles, and let's talk about HotSpring a map 80 where the mob gives the same adena of a location 60 - has 7x the damage and the Life, do not drop anything in the spoil and they are aggressive, serious GMs I know that you have to have methods of raising money and so we have event with ncoin, but there is a Player level 76 + that is not experiencing difficulty of Make Money and Pay Your Own SoulShot, Please Fix That

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